We return with a very current topic, how to calculate a roof with all the materials, accessories and assembly without the help of specialists or sellers from companies specializing in roofing. 

The calculations will not be accurate unless you also have a project sketch with the material specification. But, anyway, you will have figures very close to the truth, and these may be enough to budget the expenses for the reconstruction of your house. 

What do we start with?

First of all, we, at MONTACO, qualify the work by type, that is, we place it in one of the categories:

  1. Cover replacement
  2. New roof on new construction
  3. New roof on existing construction
  4. Total reconstruction
  5. Attic

Each type contains an optimal set of basic materials and accessories, scaffolding and mechanisms, transport and assembly. We do not discuss the ultra specific cases, the rest, however, are very similar according to the calculation method. 

Secondly, we determine the type of covering that we include in the calculation:

  1. Bituminous shingles
  2. Metal tile
  3. Ceramic tile
  4. Reed, polycarbonate, plastic, membranes, tarpaulins, wooden shingles, textiles, solar panels, other exotic and unpopular roofs in Moldova, either due to prices (Tesla photovoltaics) or due to non-functionality and lack of warranty. 

Third, we define what systems and modules we add to the base roof:

  1. Drainage system
  2. insulation 
  3. Attic windows
  4. Eagle linings, covered terraces and awnings. 
  5. Double glazed windows and doors in newly built / rebuilt rooms
  6. Concrete belts and columns for reconstructions.