Reconstructing the roof of a private house is a popular service in Moldova, The service is ordered by the owners of old houses who want the partial reconstruction of the building, as well as by those who want to renew the roof of the house.

We often realize that we need more space. The reasons of course vary. But usually a basic reason is the amount of things that gather in a house and no longer fit in closets: clothes, shoes, toys, etc. We can expand by purchasing a larger space, or as far as possible, by building an additional space above the house – an attic or a horizontal space – an annex.

The transformation of the attic is transformed into a useful and fully adapted living space for the bedroom with bathroom or for the children’s room, the construction of an annex is transformed into a boiler room, bathroom, wardrobe or here the kitchen is moved, freeing space for living or dining room. Most houses in the country are not recently built, but are over 25-30 years old, that’s why the questions in the list are not so rare:

  • Doesn’t the roof of the house have the characteristics of an efficient thermal insulation?
  • Does the reliability of the roof leave much to be desired?
  • Is the roof obsolete for several years?
  • Does the slope of the roof have a deformation or numerous leaks?
  • Was the primary installation of lower quality?
  • Do you want to arrange an attic in the attic or rebuild the house?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions, it means that you need a reconstruction of the roof of the building. This is a fairly expensive service, but responsible work always requires significant expense. You can design and implement everything on your own and hire a team of “workers,” but you are unlikely to do that properly.